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Exceptional interpersonal skills training
for technical teams and individuals

  • When the roles of highly skilled technical experts – in Engineering, IT and Finance – become more human-centred, there can be a clash of worlds.

    People don’t work like code, teams aren’t run like an internal piping system, and managing others isn’t done by plotting out people on a spreadsheet.

  • What can start as a communication breakdown impairs relationships, slows down processes and hits morale and profits across the organisation.

  • Alison Kemp and her expert team, help technical specialists in small, medium-sized and global companies, manage their relationships to get their jobs done faster, easier and more effectively.  Click here to find out more.

Alison Kemp

Alison Kemp

Founder and Managing Director, Switchvision

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Whether you’re looking to pitch and present with more impact or increase the power of teams, click here to see how Switchvision can help your team maximise your impact.



For sessions that are as unique as you: results-focused leadership, management and personal effectiveness to inspire and guide you.

Pick my Brain Sessions

Pick my Brain Sessions

Need a quick communications fix? Run an email by me, get direction or straightforward advice – from anywhere in the world.

The Toolbox

The Toolbox

For every team and individual, there’s a different solution. Here’s just a taster of how we go about finding the right fix for our clients.

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