What’s in it for you?

  1. Develop a persuasive and personal style to increase your impact
  2. Enhance your language to communicate even the most complex of ideas to technical and non-technical audiences
  3. Enhance your credibility with different audiences with powerful and expressive use of movement and voice
  4. Develop a structure that keeps you on track with your key points
  5. Maximise the power of the pause to control pace and attention
  6. Tips to develop discerning and effective use of visual aids
  7. Handle difficult questions from the audience with calm and confidence
  8. Adapt your style to have impact with different audiences
  9. At least three presentations in two days giving your plenty of chance to apply what you learn

Course features

  • Video playback to support tutor appraisal of strengths and areas for development
  • Group interaction to support peer learning
  • Materials to support your learning and development
  • Small group (up to 9) ensures plenty of personal tutor feedback
  • FREE videos and tips on communication every month!

Knock Out Pitching & Presenting Outline™ (Day One)

  • Defining what you want from the course
  • Current demands and challenges in presenting
  • Tutor appraisal of individual strengths and areas for improvement
Structure a presentation to a time limit
  • Know how to do an audience profile
  • Define your key message
  • Select your main points.
  • Using power words to persuade
Physical awareness
  • Exercises to help relax and focus body and mind
Engage your audience
  • Apply techniques to engage your listeners
  • Build in transitions
  • Close your presentation with impact
  • Get an attention grabbing opening
Getting into the zone
  • Learn breathing for relaxation and greater vocal projection
  • Use ‘anchoring’ to get you into your presentation mindset
Develop a clear and commanding voice
  • Increase vocal projection and clarity
  • Add greater vocal variety
  • Control vocal pace
  • The use of pause for emphasis and signposting
Create a strong physical presence
  • The impact of gesture on the attitude you convey
  • Use movement and pause to add conviction
Presentation Two
  • Prepare in 20 mins an unseen presentation: learn to prepare in a short time slot.
  • Delivery of presentation
  • Tutor appraisal of presentation
Review and Action Steps
  • Bringing together learning points from the day and defining individual focus for learning in preparation for Day Two

Knock Out Pitching & Presenting Outline™ (Day Two)

Talking off the cuff
  • Apply delivery and structure to an unprepared one minute subject
Preparation of Presentation Three
  • Prepare a 5 min work-related presentation
Mind your language
  • Techniques to describing more complex ideas and processes
Adapting to different audiences
  • Practise the opening of this presentation
  • Adapt material to a specific audience
  • Adapting delivery to different cultures
Audience Questions and Answer Sessions
  • Techniques to deal with difficult questions from your audience
  • The relationship between where members of the audience sit and their attitude to you
Use Visual Aids to support the content
  • Tips on how to improve the clarity of your message with your visuals
Finishing touches
  • Time to complete and rehearse Presentation Three
Presentation Three
  • Delivery of Presentation Three with video playback
  • Trainer feedback of your progress
Next Steps
  • Review of what you’ve learnt on the course
  • Techniques to continue your development
  • Complete your Personal Action Plan
  • Evaluate Course

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