What’s in it for you?

By the end of the day you will know how to:

  • control interview nerves
  • deal with the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ question
  • match your strengths with the competencies of the role
  • emphasise your strengths naturally
  • handle difficult questions
  • structure succinct answers to have more impact
  • use techniques to turn an ‘interrogation’ into a conversation!
  • give the right impression with your body language
  • speak with conviction and enthusiasm
  • enhance your body language to build rapport with the interviewer
  • ask the right questions to the interviewer/s
  • look, sound and feel more confident
  • practise, feedback, exercise and practise until it’s like water off a duck’s back!

Interview With Impact™ – Half Day Course Outline

Mock Interview
  • Using pre-prepared questions, I’ll film you in a short mock interview
  • Receive instant written and verbal feedback on your performance
Strength and Competency Matching
  • Match your own strengths with the role
  • You’ll be able to find examples in your experience for each competency
Physical Spacing
  • You will have a greater awareness of how to use gesture and space to look and feel more confident
  • How seating impacts on the rapport with the interviewer
Structuring Answers
  • This will give you the format for talking through longer questions, such as challenges, achievements and difficult situations
Bring out your strengths
  • Learn how to emphasise your strengths in a natural, conversational way and ‘tick boxes’ for the interviewer
Checking Questions
  • You will learn a simple but highly effective technique to control waffling or giving too little information in an interview
Speaking with conviction
  • Learn vocal exercises to add expression and conviction to your delivery
Creating physical impact
  • Use positive body language to increase your presence
Bringing out your strengths
  • Discover how to emphasise your strengths in a natural, conversational way and ‘tick boxes’ for the interviewer
Tackling difficult questions
  • We will practice questions that might be more challenging such as the weakness question or question of professional opinion
Tell me about yourself
  • You will discover an effective way to answer the question
  • Practise delivery of the ‘tell me about yourself question’.
  • Review of impact and further practice
Interviewing the interviewer
  • Questions to ask the interviewer
‘Anything to add’
  • Delivering a closing statement that gives a strong positive impression
Controlling nerves
  • Simple and quick methods to help you control nervous energy
Mock interview
  • Check your progress with a second filmed mock interview and trainer feedback
Personal Action Plan
  • You will draw up a short action plan with your trainer to continue your progress

The course mixes role play, discussion, video and written feedback as well as exercises to consolidate learning points. Included in the costs are all standard workshop materials.

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