10 common email errors HR Professionals don’t want to make


April 2013

by Alison Kemp, Director, Switchvision

When looking at improving communications in organisations, ignoring how we use email is like driving with flat tyres and wondering why the ride’s bumpy.

So that Human Resources professionals are seen as, well, human and resourceful, I’ve collated a list of 10 of the most common email communication complaints – the flies – that land in the otherwise perfect ointment that makes up what great HR people do to help maintain cohesive and productive teams.

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Going through the change without the sweat…

WIBF Magazine - June 2008by Alison Kemp, Director, Switchvision

WIBF MagazineThere are many reasons to change career: you want to earn more money; the commute is wearing you out, you’re not using the skills you enjoy, the environment is unstimulating – the list goes on. The reasons for staying put are also manifold: is the career you want really out there and are you ready or, even, good enough for it?

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