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4 Jobs Guaranteed to be Worse than Your Own

You may feel unmotivated, unexcited, and unable to open your eyes at your desk. You’re begging for an apocalypse on your commute. Granted, there are some rather poor jobs out there and managers aren’t always natural born leaders. But if we step back a few years (or a few hundred), you’ll realise that your yearly […]

4 steps to kick ass in 5 minutes

You’ve researched and practised all the really important questions for your impending interview— and then, as soon as you’ve sat down, they hit you with it: “Tell me about yourself.” You knew you’d get that, but why prepare for it? It’s only a warm-up question. Well, actually it’s not. Sure, while some interviews might ask […]

The Job Interview Translation

We’ve all been there, sat in a job interview, heart pounding, palms sweaty awaiting the impending doom of the first question. And then it arrives…  “How was your journey here today?” Your chest tightens, you feel like you’re at Guantanamo Bay. What do they mean? Are they assessing your ability to navigate? Are they probing […]

What’s More Important in Your Presentation? Content or Delivery?

Presentation day looming? You’re Eddie Izzard, you’re Margaret Thatcher, you’re a children’s storyteller! Unless your aim is to induce a coma on your poor audience, your presentation needs to be more than just words. Your job is to entertain, to enlighten and most importantly, get your message across. It’s not uncommon to be nervous about […]