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Words That Win

Words that Win Finding it hard to grab attention and keep it throughout a presentation? Do you need to be more persuasive? If so, then try out these tips to draw people into what you’re saying and keep them there. Jo, a Sales Director, was offered a great opportunity: to give an after-dinner speech at […]

Another Bloody Meeting?

Another Bloody Meeting! ‘The convergence of alternative methodologies through blue-sky thinking should leverage business action-items for robust solutions.’ or, in other words… Take a look at these ideas to make your meetings more productive…..   1)         Changing Places If you have regular meetings with the same group of people, have you noticed where they sit?  […]

Do You Leak When You Speak

Do You Leak When You Speak? I’d hope not but many do…Leaking is body language that undermines your intention. Imagine this: You walk into your manager’s office for your appraisal and the manager says to you, “Firstly, you’re doing exceptionally well with (new client that’s worth tons of business).” They look you in the eye, […]