What’s in it for you?

  1. Techniques to give you greater confidence before presenting
  2. Increase your credibility and presence in front of your audience
  3. Discover how to keep to the point and use notes to guide you
  4. Enhance your ability to increase physical and vocal impact from the start and keep it going
  5. Build rapport with mixed audiences and keep them engaged
  6. Develop a structure that makes preparing presentations quick and easy.
  7. Deal skilfully with difficult question and challenging members of the audience
  8. Practical exercises to increase confidence
  9. Group interaction to support peer learning
  10. Learn how to adapt your material on the fly
  11. Materials to support your learning and development
  12. Small group (up to 9) ensures plenty of personal tutor feedback

Breakthrough Pitching & Presenting Outline™ (Day One)

  • What makes a good presenter
  • What can go wrong any why it happens
Making structuring quick and easy
  • Know how to do an audience profile
  • Techniques to motivate and persuade
  • Define your key message
  • Select your main points
Engage your audience
  •  Learn about the Spice Rack™ – techniques to engage your listeners
  • Close your presentation with impact
  • Get an attention grabbing opening
Making a calm and confident entrance
  • Combining posture, breathing and pause to create an opening that will increase confidence and control of your delivery
Develop a clear and commanding voice
  • Increase vocal projection and clarity
  • Learn how to develop emphasis and vocal expression
  • Discover how the pause brings power to your delivery
Create a strong physical presence
  • Move and gesture confidently
  • Use movement and pause to add impact and animation to your delivery and content
  • Establish direct and even eye contact
Putting it all together
  • Delivery of Presentation One
  • Feedback on strengths and areas for development
Next Steps
  • Review of what you’ve learnt today
  • Setting aims for Day Two

Breakthough Pitching & Presenting Outline™ (Day Two)

Review and Consolidation
  • Review of techniques learnt in Day One
  • Exercises to develop more control of your delivery
  • Develop vocal expression that maintain interest
  • Defining and using strong eye contact
Instant Impact
  • Techniques to influence your audience
  • Master your influence and impact in 60 seconds
Structure a presentation to a time limit
  • Define your key message
  • Select your main points
Prepare and practise
  • Prepare Presentation Two
  • Practise opening of Presentation Two
  • Group feedback of delivery
Adapting your material
  • Learn how to adapt your material on the fly to different audiences
  • Rehash and redeliver!
  • Group Feedback
Skilful managing of the Question and Answer session
  • Discover techniques to deal adeptly with the Q & A
  • How to deal with difficult questions and problem people!
Presentation Two
  • Further practice of Presentation Two
  • Delivery of presentation
Feedback and Review
  • Tutor and group appraisal of presentation
  • Personal Action Plans
  • Evaluation of course

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