Our team have worked with ‘roll-up ya sleeves’ start ups to global businesses so we’re familiar with the challenges that come as companies develop and individuals need to keep up with the pace – challenges such as:

  1. you’re in a new role or a changing role and need to know how to navigate these new waters;
  2. there are difficult people in your team that you need to know how to manage them;
  3. presentation skills are a pain in the neck and you’re not sure if you’re getting your message through;
  4. you need to know how to be more persuasive to achieve your goals.
  • How we can help you:

    1. help you to get a clear picture as to how you come across, increasing mutual understanding and positive relationships.
    2. keep the personal confidential and help you to define your motivators and help you to deal with toxic, or, unhelpful influences;
    3. sit in on meetings – in some fictional role that we make up with you – to see what’s really going on, instead of relying on second hand information;
    4. give you the tools to manage difficult relationships, through coaching and/or group work;
    5. use a variety of techniques so you won’t get overloaded or bored! Have a look here for some of the one to one session content;
    6. provide dynamic, honest and perceptive sessions where a combination of psychology, arts based techniques (such as writing as a reflective tool, and performance). Have a look the highly experienced ‘A’ team over here.
  • Do any of these situations ring true for you?

    1. My not speaking up at meetings is causing a credibility problem. People think I’ve got nothing to say but I don’t know how to contribute without ruffling feathers.
    2. I’m a technical expert and I’ve been given the responsibility of managing people.  How on earth does one thing help me with the other?!’
    3. I think I’ve a problem engaging people (an myself) in presentations. I’m sure there’s a way to do it, but I don’t know how.’
    4. With my role steering a slightly different course, I’m finding it difficult to motivate myself to fulfill the strategy. My boat’s lost its sail and I need to know how I can get round this to implement goals.’
    5. I need to increase clarity and the impact of how I come across to team members. I know my communication style is undermining my ability to fulfill objectivess with some people but I need to know how to adjust it.’
    6. How do you deliver bad news to people who don’t want to hear it?  Much of the time it’s a matter of getting my expectations through to people who think they’re already achieving them.’

    If these are familiar, we should probably be speaking.

  • The clients who’ve had the best results working with us share many traits:

    • They’re honest, so that frank discussion can lead to outcomes that actually benefit.
    • They’re open to the best options for their specific situation – sometimes we’ll suggest the best way to work maybe a more unconventional situation, such as going to networking events, sitting in an on meetings (incognito – we invent an unsuspicious character with you to justify the added presence in the room!). Of course, you only do what’s practical and comfortable for you.
    • Look for the best way to get the desired outcomes — they realise that although there can be a ‘quick fix’ or ‘silver bullet’, they’re personally accountable for their own development.