Our team have worked with ‘roll-up ya sleeves’ start ups to global businesses so we’re familiar with the challenges that come as companies develop and individuals need to keep up with the pace – challenges such as:

  1. developing talent that’s congruent with your succession plans;
  2. getting behaviours to match with what you say you’re about;
  3. key people not fulfilling their objectives as their roles have changed;
  4. presenters not engaging their audiences or making their messages stick;
  5. communication issues arising, causing misunderstandings and bad processes.

The fact that there’s such a diverse mix means that we can customise delivery for you. You won’t get an off the shelf solution but we work within your requirements and limits so you get the right mix.

  • How we can help you:

    1. We’ll work closely with you to accomplish your objectives with individuals, devising one off training, coaching, modular courses and long run programmes with on and off line support.  Click here to how we’ve done this, increasing growth by 30% over 2 years with an award winning technology consultancy.
    2. Keep you in the loop on participant development, providing personality and team dynamic assessments. Pop over here for the tool box: you’ll see all the different ways that we can make learning and development go a long way.
    3. Ensure that the cultural message is filtered through and translated in terms of behaviours and beliefs to that your teams are not only walking the walk, but running with it.
    4. Provide dynamic, honest and perceptive sessions where a combination of psychology, arts based techniques (such as writing as a reflective tool, and performance). Have a look the highly experienced ‘A’ team over here.
  • Do any of these situations ring true for you?

    1. There is friction amongst teams/individuals caused by a combination of clashes in communication styles, and not just face to face but the way they email each other and use virtual communication.
    2. We’re not living up to the culture we state we have. The purpose and values of the company are not being translated in the behaviours of individuals: there’s a mismatch.’ Bearing in mind that companies whose employees understand the mission and goals enjoy a 29% greater return than other firms, there’s a potentially large leak in business (Watson Wyatt Work Study),
    3. We’ve got top notch technical experts who’ve been given the responsibility of managing people or teams. Unfortunately, people don’t work like Javascript so the way individuals are being developed to meet company goals isn’t working.’
    4. When teams present, they look like a bunch of individuals: there’s little cohesion in their messages and it’s reducing impact.’
    5. We’ve developed an ineffective way of presenting to the outside world. The individualism has gone.’

    If any of these are familiar, then we should probably be speaking.

  • The clients who’ve had the best results working with us share many traits:

    The clients who’ve had the best results working with us share many traits:

    1. They’re honest and plain speaking, so that frank discussion can lead to outcomes that actually benefit.
    2. They believe that you can have fun and learn – the learning lasts longer if it’s personal, meaningful, pragmatic and FUN. You can’t show people a 4 colour quadrant and hope ‘they get it’: it’s applied but there’s often laughter and light in the doing.
    3. Look for the best way to get the desired outcomes — they realise there’s rarely a ‘quick fix’ or ‘silver bullet’, and realise the importance of making individuals and teams accountable so that there’s a real return on investment in the learning, either qualitatively or qualitatively.