Our team have worked with ‘roll-up ya sleeves’ start ups to global business so we’re familiar with the challenges that come as companies develop, and individuals need to keep up with the pace – challenges such as:

  1. there’s friction with other departments: it’s gone tribal and you need your people to handle this better;
  2. you’ve got consultants going out on site but not handling client relationships with enough authority;
  3. presentation skills are lacking in impact so messages aren’t getting through;
  4. there are difficult relationships that cause unhealthy conflict;
  • How we can help you:

    1. Make sure that your consultants and technical experts are presenting the company professionally and enhancing reputation;
    2. Provide cultural training that bridges individual, and national divides. Go here at how we did this for a global oil company, keeping them ‘on time, in scope and to budget’, saving £££$$$millions;
    3. Individuals have the tools to manage difficult relationships, through coaching and/or group work;
    4. Use a variety of techniques from 121s, to whole company solutions. Have a look here for some ideas;
    5. Provide dynamic, honest and perceptive sessions where a combination of psychology, arts based techniques (such as writing as a reflective tool, and performance).  Meet the highly experienced ‘A’ team over here.
  • Do any of these situations ring true for you?

    1. ‘I need my team/s to be able to manage better their relationships across the organisation and with clients. I can’t be everywhere doing it for them.’
    2. ‘Individuals lack the ability to be persuasive or engaging, when presenting to clients and senior management.’
    3. ‘My team aren’t selling up or across to internal or external clients.  They’re too focused on detail and their own department.’
    4. ‘Some consultants need to bridge the gap between their expertise in technology and their ability to relate to clients. They need to learn to adapt their style, crossing company and national cultural divides.’
    5. ‘I’ve got members of my team who are not speaking up about issues until they become problems, leaving me to firefight and costing us – at the very least, time and often money as relationships are compromised.’
    6. ‘My team’s got bigger and now there’s a sense of a sense of confusion and conflict as individuals’ roles change.
    7. ‘I need my team to take more initiative.  At the moment, there’s too much reliance on me for ideas and direction.’
    8. ‘How do you deliver bad news to people who don’t want to hear it?  I’ve got to get expectations through to people who think they’re already achieving them, when they are plainly not.’
  • The clients who’ve had the best results working with us share many traits:

    1. They’re honest and plain speaking, so that frank discussion can lead to outcomes that actually benefit.
    2. They believe that you can have fun and learn – the learning lasts longer if it’s personal, meaningful, pragmatic and FUN. You can’t show people a 4 colour quadrant and hope ‘they get it’: it’s applied but there’s often laughter and light in the doing.
    3. Look for the best way to get the desired outcomes — they realise there’s rarely a ‘quick fix’ or ‘silver bullet’, and realise the importance of making individuals and teams accountable so that there’s a real return on investment in the learning, either qualitatively or qualitatively.