What’s in it for you?

This session will:

  1. help participants break out of the ‘that’s the way things are’ mentality
  2. discover practical tools to make ideas become reality, that benefit both the effectiveness of individuals and the organisation
  3. reveal how both individuals and the organisation can tap into creativity at will
  4. ensure that that everyone has a way of ‘capturing’ and building on ideas so they don’t just ‘float around’
  5. recognise and capitalise on business opportunities through innovation

The sample outline can be stretched from a couple of a hours to days, or be delivered in modules – around what is most effective for you.

Creative Problem Solving

Creative problem solving
  • What innovation and creativity look like in practice
  • Why you need to create: the personal and organisation perspective
  • What stops us from being creative and how to over-ride those obstacles
  • How creativity works
Individual creativity
  • Where ideas come from
  • The 6 step problem solving model
  • The creative rollercoaster – from creativity to innovation: the emotional curve
  • Habits, rituals, and the right context: why they’re needed and how they’re acquired
  • At least 3 techniques to see processes from alternative angles and grasp opportunities hitherto unseen i.e. ‘How to go from ‘What is’ to ‘What if?’
Collective intelligence
  • Who innovation happens
  • Getting the right people to get ideas off the ground
  • Mapping out the journey that gets a notion into motion!

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