What’s the course about?

A technical expert is expected to be so much than that.  They need to navigate the political world of organisations with the right amount of diplomacy and know when to push to get what they want.  The growing complexities and shifting sands of the working environment make it increasingly difficult for some to keep a grip on changes, manage challenging situations, and handle difficult people.

Others, on the other hand, seem to know exactly how to approach people and issues, and have a demeanour that exudes authority without making them unapproachable.  What are they doing and how are they doing this?  It can seem like magic – you’ve either got it or you haven’t.

The truth is you can acquire these skills.  This course unravels the secrets behind influence and will help you achieve your goals, gain respect and increase your opportunities.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Boost your personal impact and ability to achieve more
  2. Increase the confidence in yourself and the belief others can have in you
  3. Create change: either directly or indirectly
  4. Maximise ability to enhance relationships with colleague and suppliers as well as managing up
  5. Develop an outstanding ability to make things happen

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  •  identify their ability to change situations autonomously
  •  learn what influence is and where it can be used
  •  identify and adapt communication style to that of others
  •  increase gravitas and personal impact
  •  recognise patterns of behaviour through the ‘drama triangle’
  •  recognise diverse methods to create change
  •  build rapport quickly to effectively influence others
  •  calibrate levels of communication to achieve objectives
  •  develop structures to influence that can be used across contexts
  •  increase confidence both personally and professionally

Course Features

  • Discover how to apply what you learn to what you do – in the session.
  • Group interaction to support peer learning
  • Materials to support your learning and development
  • Small group (up to 9) ensures plenty of personal tutor feedback

Impact & Influence™ (Day One)

  • Expectations and aims of the course. Participants will set their intention in order to get maximum benefit.
Defining persuasion and influence
  • Define influence and the difference between that and persuasion
  • Exploring the pros, cons and contexts of influence
  • Recognise the core skills of an effective influencer
  • Identify the key barriers to effective influencing
Language and communication styles
  • Know your style of communication and what this means in what you do and how you do it
  • Understand how this might impact on others and create or calm conflict
  • How to adapt your communication style
Getting to grips with different personality styles
  • Use Jung’s model to identify your own personality and persuasion styles
  • Adapting to the styles of others
  • Identifying different influencing styles to overcome resistance
The power of non-verbal influence
  • Exercises to develop confident and approachable body language and positive first impression
  • How to use body language to increase rapport with others
  • Leaking and Dribbling – what we don’t say but we give away
  • Present yourself to employers and peers with confidence and conviction
Consolidation Exercise
  • Practical exercises to apply learning
  • Review of learning points
Review and Close
  • Reflect on key learning points for the day
  • Define Action Steps for Day Two
  • Close

Impact & Influence™ (Day Two)

  • Review of learning from Day One
  • Experiences and applications of Day One and assignment
The Drama Triangle
  • Discover the Transactional Analysis and its effect on personal power and control
  • Understand where your behaviour may be less influential in Transactional Analysis terms
  • Game to apply TA to individual experience and deal with conflict
  • Reflect on how this learning will affect behaviour in the future
Persuasive Requests
  • The ACE model of persuasion
Develop a clear and commanding voice
  • Develop a clear and commanding voice
  • Increase use of intonation to maximise your impact and conviction
Putting a case forward in a short time
  • Develop and practise the PROEP model of persuasion
  • Peer and tutor feedback
Turning arguments around, without arguing
  • Language that blocks and language that helps your argument to flow: how to contradict without seeming
  • Practice your verbal virtuosity with the Alligator Story
Productive email communication
  • Matching game to develop clarity in written communication
  • How to increase likelihood of responses to emails
  • Defining the medium for communication
Avenues of persuasion and influence
  • Identifying your sphere of influence and how to approach those spheres for attain goals
Consolidation Exercise
  • Practical exercises to apply learning
  • Review of learning points
Review and Close
  • Reflect on key learning points for the day
  • Define Action Steps for Day Three
  • Close

Impact & Influence™ (Day Three)

Review and Close
  • Review of learning from Day Two
  • Defining goals for Day Three
Expressing Needs
  • How to access the resources and state you need to express needs and deal with tricky situations
  • Cultural differences in expressing needs
  • Techniques to manage up, using influence directly or indirectly
Rapport building vs. rapport breaking communication methods
  • Defining Push and Pull Communication in persuasion and influence
Reputation and gravitas
  • Presence – what it is and its purpose
  • Verbal and non-verbal habits that can undermine your standing with suppliers, customers, colleagues and management
  • Increase awareness of personal characteristics that can act as a ‘trip-wire’ to reputation and how to overcome them
  • ‘Dogs and Cats’ – finding the right persona to increase influence with adapting your behaviour
Skillful body language
  • Physical positioning in 121s and meetings
  • Learn Power Moves and Leading gestures to be physically proactive in your persuasiveness
Consolidation Exercise
  • Role Play and Review
Evaluation and next steps
  • Review of what you’ve learnt on the course
  • Drawing up your plan for short-term and long-term influence to achieve goals.
  • Complete your Personal Development Plan
  • Feedback on workshop content and delivery Feedback on workshop content and delivery

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