How to Pitch in the Middle East

Here’s a short video I’ve put together to give you:

5 Top Tips to Win Pitches in the Middle East

…after a client of mine was struggling to win business in Abu Dhabi.

Tip no. 4 came as a shock to him:  I might as well have said, “Richard (not his real name!), take your head off and throw it down the drain.”  However, he adapted and…well, you’ll hear what happened.

So ‘Hadi!’, ‘Yellah!’, Let’s go!

See you in the comments…

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  1. Murat
    Murat says:

    Your video is spot on I think. Pulling out the 5 top points would not have been easy for anyone but I think you have done it well.

  2. Jonathon Rees
    Jonathon Rees says:

    Exceptionally good advice, particularly about letting the hosts take the initiative when it comes to business talk. This is valid in the West more often than we think. Jonathon


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