There’s one big, problem with communication that’s got you completely stuck or a small irritating issue that’s on your mind.

Whatever it is, you don’t think you need a half day or several days coaching or training.

The ‘Pick My Brain’ sessions are a bite size virtual solution-finding session that you pre-pay in 10, 30 minute or 60 minutes bundles.

This is a place for brainstorming, quick fixes, direction, and straightforward advice and individuals can benefit from the sessions as a stand alone service or after a team training. Companies can buy monthly credits to use for their teams.  Simply complete the contact form on the right for more information.

You’ll get the chance before booking to give me an insight into the issue and I can quickly tell you what the best solution may look like.

You can have a virtual session from anywhere in the world

Picking Brains
  • What can I pick your brain about?

    Here are some examples:

    • Discover how to deal with difficult individuals
    • Run through a presentation
    • Find a way to get your ideas heard
    • Get feedback on a proposal, email, written document
    • Explore creative ideas to solve an issue
    • A quick resource for individuals to follow-up after team training
  • How much do the sessions cost?

    • 10 minutes – $  30.00 (USD)
    • 30 minutes – $  75.00 (USD)
    • 60 minutes – $140.00 (USD)

    Click here to calculate the session amount in any other currency.

  • How do I organise my session?

    1. Complete your details in the contact form on this page;
    2. You’ll receive my recommendation for your session
    3. Press ‘Reply’ in my email and you’ll be taken to your profile page
    4. Click on the ‘Services’ button to select and pay for your preferred session
    5. Once I accept, you’ve be notified.  You’ll then pay and we’re ready to go!

Alternatively, if you know exactly what you want then you can click on the ‘Set an appointment’ button below. If you don’t have Skype, I can teach you how to get it – it’s free and easy!

Or we can use my GoToMeeting service.  Face to face with a webcam is better but if that’s out of the question, we can go the traditional route and use a regular telephone.

If you’re not sure whether this is an issue that’s suitable for ‘Pick my Brains’, please contact me first by completing your details below, because once you’ve paid, there’s a no-refund policy for this service.