Two Day Intermediate Pitching and Presenting Course

Is your body language matching your intention?

Presentations are a vital part of a technical role. The ability to express yourself both to individuals and groups is essential. Give boring presentations or let nerves get the better of you, and you end up looking bad. Be known as the person who gives powerful pitches or presentations and you’ll find it easier to push your ideas through. Your influence and credibility will be boosted considerably.

Breakthrough Pitching & Presentations™ is for you, if you want to focus on:

  • maximising your delivery with physical and vocal skills
  • how to grab and keep your audience’s attention
  • dealing with difficult members of the audience and challenging questions
  • Who is it for?

    For those with some experience in presenting or but who either dread the thought of it or need to add more engagement and polish to their delivery.  The course is ideal for anyone who needs to present to anyone from colleagues to clients – be they prospective or current – and at any level.

  • How do I benefit?

    • Apply techniques to give you greater confidence before presenting
    • Increase your credibility and presence in front of your audience
    • Discover how to keep to the point and use notes to guide you
    • Acquire the ability to create physical and vocal impact from the start and keep it going
    • Realise how to build rapport with a mixed audience and keep them engaged
    • Learn to apply a presentation preparation method that is quick and easy
    • Experience practical exercises to increase confidence
    • Benefit from group interaction to support peer learning
    • Use tricks to deal adeptly with the Q & A Learn how to adapt your material on the fly
    • Gain materials to support your learning and development
    • A small group (up to 9) ensures plenty of personal tutor feedback

Get your outline to Breakthrough Pitching and Presenting™

The Primer (Beginners’ Course) is the place to start:

  • if nerves get the better of you
  • you lose the thread of the subject
  • you don’t know what to with your arms (or the rest of your body, for that matter!)

Choose Knock-Out Pitching and Presenting™ to master the skills of:

  • presenting new initiatives and project reports to boards in a short time
  • presenting initiatives, proposals, issues and results to clients
  • imparting technical or financial information at team meetings
  • speaking off the cuff

You’ll also benefit from video feedback in this course