The Situation

Excelian is an award-winning technology consultancy specialising in the Finance Sector. They needed to address the gap between their expertise in technology and the ability for consultants to relate to clients. Feedback from clients had informed the company that their consultants were lacking in the communication skills necessary to achieve a greater understanding of client needs.

The Solution

Working in partnership with Cass Business School and the Executive team at Excelian, Alison Kemp at Switchvision devised a regular half day programme, ‘Developing Insights’. The programme has been going since February 2012, running once a month. It covers 3 main areas:

All Staff

  1. Recognise motivators and use them to steer self through your role
  2. Pinpoint the various ways in which respect manifests itself and how to express this within the company and with clients
  3. Discover ways in which different parts of the business best react to various types of communication

Graduates as new starters

For graduates, at the beginning of a career in consultancy or technology, we integrated into their induction:
A full day training course in which the half day ‘Developing Insights’ was supplemented by focus on:

  1. self-motivation
  2. confidence building
  3. how to achieve professional satisfaction

The Technology Academy – ‘Turning Techies into Consultants’

Switchvision has worked closely with Excelian’s Learning and Development Department and Senior Managers to design a Technology Academy. This 10-module course is held for several hours every month and is being trialled within one department.

The modules include:

  1. Establishing personal goals and outcomes
  2. Developing charisma and presence
  3. Targeted Questioning
  4. The language of influence
  5. Negotiating skills
  6. Running productive meetings
  7. Proposal writing
  8. Commercial negotiation basics
  9. Core presentation principles
  10. Perfect Pitches


The client feedback has shown proven results with all consultants achieving ‘excellent’ or ‘outstanding’ on standards of both communication and professionalism. This is viewed internally as one of the key contributors in the continued growth of the company, with an increase in revenue of 30% in the past year.

Here’s what people said:

“Excellent workshop and useful tips and tricks on how to deal with and communicate with different types of people.”
K. Jarasova

“I think this was a very interesting and engaging class which will surely be beneficial for the rest of the the graduate training programme as well as for my career.”
G. Brincat

“Absolutely fantastic! Must be repeated every year!”
A. Vara

“Alison has rapidly developed a deep understanding of the culture at Excelian. Her sessions are fun and active, receiving great feedback from the participants every time.”
T. Marshall, People & Development Manager, Financial Services, Excelian