Each session as unique as you are.

All coaching is as unique as each client.

Sessions focus around the client’s specific needs,  are face-to-face and can involve any mixture of the following:

  • Discussion
  • Role Play
  • Written Exercises
  • Observation of self with video
  • Observation of others
  • Creative media

Do you need a solution aimed for specifically for you and your challenges?

Client 1


The client came to Switchvision as his line manager viewed the client, a project engineer for a large oil company, to be intimidating in meetings. He was apparently considered to be forceful and uncompromising. We looked at:


  • Increasing awareness of body language of self and others
  • Using questions to state opinion
  • Framing problems and solutions to give constructive feedback
  • Using of voice to build rapport
  • Defining key influencers and building a strategy with this person to achieve aims


The client’s awareness of communication has changed. He now has a greater understanding of the hidden messages of body language and improved grasp of the way a message is conveyed (not just what is said). His communication style is now leading to more productive and positive discussions, moving away from what may have been construed as confrontational in the past.

“The day was very enlightening also very interactive. Alison is flexible with the syllabus to enable us to target the areas of weakness.”

Project Engineer, Shell (Singapore)

Client 2


The Managing Director had expanded his creative printing company to the point where he needed to present a motivational mission statement to his staff. Unfortunately, the mission didn’t ‘fire him up’ so we concentrated on:


  • Nailing down what was important to him and what kind of life he envisioned
  • Exploring the many aspects of a company that would reflect his vision
  • Developing strategies to keep his renewed motivation fresh
  • Rewriting the mission statement in a way that was sincere, specific and natural to him


The client now has a clearer understanding of himself and a commitment to focus on the aspects of his life that give him pleasure. This sharper awareness has given him a greater confidence to achieve his goals in a more practical and assertive way.

“I now know that my company will achieve the new targets that have been put in place and that my staff will engage in the changes that our new board has put together. I see a bright future for my company and a lot more fun for my family and me. Thank you for the personal coaching session.”

Managing Director of a Creative Print company

Client 3


After training the client in Primer Presentation for a government department interview, she won the job but felt powerless in her new position. Feedback from her line manager was abstract and she couldn’t navigate round the new role, or determine what was required of her. We focussed on:


  • Building rapport with colleagues – both verbally and non-verbally
  • How to adapt her communication style for different people and situations
  • Techniques to adjust levels of detail to give when disseminating information
  • Discussing how to probe for information from others
  • How to frame questions and opinions to get needs met and plans into action without losing rapport


The client manages to build rapport more easily with colleagues whilst raising issues, and is more assertive. She is now confident in making recommendations and presenting these successfully to peers.

“Alison’s style of coaching is very effective. The coaching helps me to realise where I can improve and how to do this. I find the action planning very useful and it’s a great way to review my progress in time. After the coaching, I saw a very positive improvement in the way I presented my ideas to my peers, and managed to convince them to adopt recommendations that I had suggested!”

Manager, Department of Transport

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