Two Day Advanced Pitching & Presenting Course

Presentations are a vital part of a technical role. The ability to express yourself both to individuals and groups is essential. Give boring presentations or let nerves get the better of you, and you end up looking bad. Be known as the person who gives powerful pitches or presentations and you’ll find it easier to push your ideas through. Your influence and credibility will be boosted considerably.

Choose Knock-Out Pitching and Presenting™ to master the skills of:

  • powerfully presenting new initiatives and project reports to boards in a short time
  • compelling your clients with initiatives, proposals, issues and results.
  • engaging with technical or financial information at team meetings
  • speaking off the cuff with confidence and flair

You’ll also benefit from video feedback in this course

Giving pitches a punch!

Kaspersky Duo
  • Who is it for?

    For those who are already experienced in giving presentations but need to have more style and impact. This two-day course is ideal for middle to senior management and business owners who need that edge to their presentations, whether pitching to clients or speaking to large audiences at seminars. Not only do you get feedback from the coach but there’s also video playback, so you stretch yourself to a more accomplished style of presenting.

  • How do I benefit?

    • Develop a persuasive personal style to increase your impact
    • Enhance your language to communicate even the most complex of ideas
    • Enhance your credibility with different audiences with powerful and expressive use of movement and voice
    • Develop a structure that keeps you on track with your key points
    • Maximise the power of the pause to control pace and attention
    • Tips to develop discerning and effective use of visual aids
    • Handle difficult questions from the audience with calm and confidence
    • At least three presentations in two days giving you plenty of chance to apply what you learn
    • Video playback to support tutor appraisal of strengths and areas for development
    • Group interaction to support peer learning Materials to support your learning and development
    • Small group (up to 9) ensures plenty of personal tutor feedback

Get the outline to Knock-Out Pitching and Presenting™

The Primer (Beginners’ Course) is the place to start:

  • if nerves get the better of you
  • you lose the thread of the subject
  • you don’t know what to with your arms (or the rest of your body, for that matter!)

Pick Breakthrough Pitching & Presenting™ if you want to focus on:

  • maximising your delivery with physical and vocal skills
  • how to grab and keep your audience’s attention
  • dealing with difficult members of the audience and challenging questions