Individual Presentation Coaching

Do you need to feel more comfortable when conveying your message?

Individual Presentation Coaching
  • Who is it for?

    Business owners, managers at all levels and anyone that needs to speak to either small groups of colleagues or larger audiences. Those who would appreciate the privacy of one to one coaching and the attention on individual aspects of presentation that this affords.

  • What’s in it for me?

    • Techniques to give you greater confidence before presenting
    • Use movement and voice with greater expressiveness and confidence
    • Know how to keep to the point and use notes to guide you
    • Build rapport with your audience and learn techniques to keep them engaged
    • Apply a structure that makes presentation preparation quick and easy
    • Practical exercises to increase confidence
    • Enhance your language to communicate even the most complex of ideas
    • Tips to develop discerning and effective use of visual aids
    • Handle difficult questions from the audience with calm and confidence
    • Materials to support your learning and development
  • How long is the coaching?

    You can have a half day of three and a half hours, opt for a full day or go for 2 days. You can have a customised programme that fits around your situation. Just get in touch to discuss your needs, commitment-free.

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Any of the group courses below can be customised for individual coaching:

Get going with the Primer Pitching & Presenting™

  • to get greater control of nerves
  • if you go off the subject
  • if you want to look, sound and feel more confident!

Pick Breakthrough Pitching & Presentations™ if you want to focus on:

  • maximising your delivery with physical
    and vocal skills
  • how to grab and keep your audience’s
  • dealing with difficult members of the
    audience and challenging questions

Choose Knock-Out Pitching and Presenting™ to master the skills of:

  • presenting new initiatives and project reports to boards in a short time
  • presenting initiatives, proposals, issues and results to clients
  • imparting technical or financial information at team meetings
  • speaking off the cuff