Let innovation happen.

Have you ever felt you were hitting dead ends with ideas? Do the same old problems crop up continually?  Is there a sense of ‘muddling through’?

If only you could approach a situation from a different angle. To get the outcome you desire, a completely different approach may well be necessary: one that you haven’t thought of before.

This means being creative: being resourceful in how you reach your goal. But creativity can seem so intangible and transient. What does it mean? What does it look like? How do you do it?

Switchvision’s programme in Creativity, Innovation and Problem solving will help you create a future, which you’ll be proud to be part of and inspire others to join.

The programme will seriously change the way you see yourself and your business. It’s very likely to make the way you work more rewarding and impact on your bottom line.

The course will show you how to rise above the dull to the invigorated and inspiring.

Want to discover how to liberate ideas and solutions?

  • What are the benefits?

    • Discover your individual strengths and how to maximise your creativity
    • Uncover and harness the abilities of the teams to give life to idea generation and consolidation
    • Make creative thinking second nature so that you can apply it at will
    • Learn how to channel creativity into innovation
    • Develop support and momentum for your ideas within and outside your business unit or environment
    • Shift paradigms and use conventions with discretion: finding a fruitful way to make work fun and productive
  • Sample Content

    • Understanding the nature of creative thinking and how it works
    • What creativity looks like for individuals and team
    • How to channel creative practice into innovation
    • Inspiring creative flow in self and others
    • Applying creative practice to innovative thinking
    • Acquiring the tools to develop, plan, monitor and maximise innovation
    • Spreading innovative practice and ideas
    • Presenting and pitching your innovations

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