Technical know-how may be recognised across borders but it’s the way of communication that will determine whether people want to do business with you. Culture itself spans geography, organisations and departments but affects what people do, why they do it – and the reasons they might not.

A lack of cultural awareness can create frustration and break bonds. It can also affect whether your message gets through to others. So what happens to the those sensitive to the cultural landscape of others?

They increase their influence, ability to do business and make things happen.

If you need to overcome the obstacles that ‘cultural blindness’ causes to that you too can build connections, create trust and instigate action, then look no further than the Skilful Cross-Cultural Communication™ course.

  • Who is it for?

    • Consultants and technical experts working in multi-cultural environments
    • HR departments and managers making hiring decisions
    • People managing multi-cultural teams
    • Anyone struggling to adapt their behaviours to a new environment
    • Sales teams who need to form long term partnerships across boundaries
  • What are the benefits?

    • understand how to adapt virtual communication across communications
    • discover the non-verbal behaviours that can build rapport – or break it
    • persuade and influence with greater ease
    • appreciate how different cultures make decisions
    • anticipate challenges that you may come and prepare for them
    • increase the likelihood that people will act upon your suggestions and initiatives
  • How long is the course?

    The course is customised for each client so contact Switchvision to discuss your needs, free of obligation.

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