Unleashing the positive power of teams.

In an environment where targets are all important, businesses can forget that to keep ahead in a competitive and demanding environment, the focus needs to be on the people who’ll be realising those goals. Without a cohesive, focussed team that can work well under pressure, those targets are threatened.

Any combination of elements from ‘Teams that Tick™’ will give you tools to help you get the best out of your staff.

Your teams will have the means to be more purposeful and motivated, and to work in a more collaborative environment.

Maximise team co-operation, focus and dynamics

  • Who is it for?

    Managers and their teams.

  • How can I benefit?

    • Discover what motivates and demotivates individuals
    • Increase motivation to work towards corporate goals
    • Establish clearer communication, self-confidence and stronger rapport
    • Maximise productivity – more time spent on the task than on resolving conflict!
    • Enjoy a more harmonious and motivated working environment
  • What can be covered?

    • Uncover obstacles for individual and team success
    • Personality and learning styles to understand your team
    • Understanding what motivates you and your colleagues
    • Revealing triggers that cause difficult behaviour
    • Realising ulterior motives for conflict
    • Dealing with difficult people, steer difficult conversations and reduce potential conflict
    • Steering towards results and away from problems; avoiding a blame game
    • Questioning and listening techniques to probe for information
    • Giving and receiving feedback that’s clear and helpful
    • Using body language to build rapport and convey a professional image
    • Vocal exercises to speak with greater commitment and persuasion
    • Verbal and non-verbal language that command attention
    • Enlivening and getting results from team meetings
    • Evaluating and benchmarking success for you and others
    • Group action plan
    • Creating individual action plans and measuring success

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