The Situation

Tecnológico de Monterrey is the largest private university in Mexico and is highly regarded for its excellent standard of education in entrepreneurship and innovation,ranked within the top 5% of Latin America universities, with 31 campuses throughout Mexico.

The Solution

Intensive workshops were designed to boost creative thinking, confidence and communication for both students and lecturers.

Student centered workshops:

  1. Creating customers at exhibitions for Marketing students
  2. Building confidence, motivation and studying skills for Freshmen
  3. Powerful pitching to investors for students in the Innovation Hub
  4. Creative thinking techniques for product development for Marketing students and the Innovation Hub groups

Staff centered workshops:

  1. Crowd Control, Captivation and Collaborative learning through Performance Techniques
  2. Creative problem solving to generate more collaboration between teachers to inspire students


Within several sessions, lecturing staff saw a total contrast in how their students were responding to them. As a result of the success reported by both staff and students,  there has now been a demand to extend this project across the University,

“Alison’s great capabilities in organisational communication strongly supported us in shifting paradigms, showing flexibility when it came to training different characters, profiles, beliefs, emotions. She has not only the professionalism and capabilities to support the organizations in this matter, but the personal strength to deal with these differences. The way she contributes improves performance by increasing coordination among departments and increasing organisational health. The courses made a real difference!”
Pilar Gonzalez, Ph.D., ITESM, Chihuahua campus

and, in the words of the students:

“Great techniques to make ideas real. Thank YOU!”

“I learned SOOOO much!”

“The workshops we had with you at TEC were, quite simply, gold.”