The Situation

Wella is one of the world’s leading cosmetic companies, specialising in hair colour, care and styling. Wella UK wanted to address the way Key Account Managers and Educators were introducing branding and product messages. There were several matters to which attention needed to be paid:

  1. The use of slides was not being maximised to full impact
  2. Presenters needed to be more comfortable finding their own style rather than falling  into a ‘house-style’
  3. a greater flexibility of presentation style was required for different audiences and situations
  4. all participants requested ways of not only constantly engaging audiences keeping the material fresh for themselves

The Solution

Although we focus on Technical Teams, Wella contacted Switchvision for several teams to complete the Knock-Out Pitching and Presenting Programme™, opting for a one-day customised programme, with the Turbo Follow Up™, consisting of Tips by Text™, whereby all key learning points are sent to straight to the mobile phones of all participants for 31 days after the training, and the Virtual Follow Up™, whereby all participants benefit from an interactive, online, one hour presentation and tutorial of key learning points 6 weeks after the training.


Of the 38 participants, including the Senior Management Team, 35 marked the training as ‘Outstanding’.

Here’s what people said:

“Got loads from one day: great techniques to use.”
J. Boyd, Key Account Educator

“Inspirational. Learned so much.”
C.McCulloch, Key Account Educator

“This is possibly the best training I’ve ever done and the Tips by Text™ were brilliant. It was an excellent way to keep the learning in our heads and I’ve got them there to refer back to.”
Karen Wilkinson, Key Account Manager for Technical Education

“The training changed the approach of all the participants. For more experienced presenters, the course was a great refresher and for those with less experience it gave them a variety of tools. The Tips by Text™ helped to keep the momentum up after the training and embed the learning.”
Claire Hunter, Education Advisory & Capability Manager.

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