Punchy Persuasion in a Tick!


Forget the money!  Show me your PROEP!

Forget the money! Show me your PROEP!


I’ve got to persuade my boss to follow a strategy in a meeting that’s coming up.  How can I persuade him quickly that what we need to do is a good idea?


Go for the PROEP Model of persuasion

Proposal (Outline):  We need to bring in more Sales people alongside the Tech teams for Calypso.

Reasons (3 max!):  We’ll have easier access to a large market.

Objections (inc. cost, time, effort.  Remember to build in a way of countering those objections):  I understand that the upfront costs may seem off-putting.  Although many of our teams are great on-site, they’re not up-selling and cross-selling at the rate we’d like.  We’d get more business with less hassle with a specialist or two.  

I know that many Sales people brush the IT teams up the wrong way but with someone who’s got a proven record at winning business in our sector and sells our skills accurately, we’d see profits without the pain.  I can get in touch with xxxx Recruitment that could find just the right people for us.

Evidence: [Our Competitor] has had a dedicated team just selling Murex services to the finance sector.  Although they started 8 months ago, they’ve seen xxxx% profit in the last 6 months.

Proposal: So, in my view, taking on more Business Development expertise could potentially double our profits within half a year.

Just a note about ‘Evidence’:  This depends on how any one individual tends to be persuaded.  Consider that any of the following points could be evidence:

  1. Something similar you’ve achieved before;
  2. Something someone else has achieved before;
  3. Statistics: projected or otherwise.
  4. The sight of something – a picture/walkabout etc
  5. Pointing out what can be avoided or what can be gained by following a particular course of action.

There are more but this will cover most persuasive arguments.

Making a suggestion which shows recognition of any objections and how you could counter them will fend off much of the hesitation to proceed and allow you to put a plan into action quicker.

Do you have any specific objections to a proposal, which you can’t think how to counter? 

Let me see if I can help you. 

Just add the query (or comment) below…

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  1. lee
    lee says:

    That is brilliant advice, I work in PR and used this to convince my boss of a strategic decision recently relating to social media and our web presence. Thanks!


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